Q 2 – Pete the Poet Interviews Director

Hey Batt, America seems a lot more divided than in did when you filmed Uncle Joe’s American Odyssey. What advice do you think people in the year 2000 would give us today if they could know how messed up things are?

Pete the Poet

Hi Pete the Poet, thank you for your question. I won’t answer it. I know I’m 2 for 2 in not directly answering your questions. But when you watch Uncle Joe’s American Odyssey, you’ll remember what is was like in 2000—and your 2000 self might give some advice and council to your 2020 self. If you were born after 1990 or so, I really want to hear what you think of year 2000 people! -Batt

Pete the Poet still writes poetry. He also co-edits the online poetry journal http://www.ADozenNothing.com.