Q 6 – Pete the Poet Interviews Director

Hey Batt, when you were filming Uncle Joe’s American Odyssey were there any scenes that “got away”—times that you really regret not capturing

Pete the Poet

Hi Pete the Poet, I remember that you definitely thought one scene “got away!” I didn’t agree with you at all in that case, but at the time there were hundreds of other things I was certain “got away.” Thankfully now, I don’t feel that way. When I watch Uncle Joe’s American Odyssey, it is more like there are a few dozen scenes I can’t believe I got! I can’t believe how on top of things I was 20 years ago. I’m sure as hell not as on top of doing all those detail-y little things now. I must have been possessed or something, back then. I guess I’m more of a generalist now. Does that make any damn sense? Probably not. I’m probably just in more of a burned-out phase these days. I’ve been traveling a lot this last decade and doing a lot of projects. I think maybe it all got me a bit burned out.

Pete the Poet still writes poetry. He also co-edits the online poetry journal http://www.ADozenNothing.com.