Q 1 – Pete the Poet Interviews Odyssey Captain Effie Stana

Hey Effie, what’s one “rule” of life you think everyone should break at least once?

Pete the Poet

Hi Pete the Poet, allow your dog to run free. And run with him/her. If you don’t have a dog, run free anyway. If you cannot leave home, due to obligations, practice freedom on a simple walk in your neighborhood. Untethered with no direction home as Bob Dylan would say. You will be surprised by what you may find out about the world, people you meet along the path, friends and family, and yourself.

Effie Stana is now known as Heidi Lynne’ Yoga and Wellness. She teaches yoga to students 50+. Her heart soars when a student leaves class feeling relaxed, calm and energized – stronger and more flexible. Heidi also enjoys writing. You can read more about Ayurveda, Yoga, herbs, nutrition and wellness on her blog: https://heidilynneyogaandwellness.wordpress.com.

Pete the Poet still writes poetry. He also co-edits the online poetry journal http://www.ADozenNothing.com.