Q 9 – Pete the Poet Interviews Director

Hey Batt, you’ve put a lot of time into working on the rerelease of “Uncle Joe’s American Odyssey”—what’s the best snack while editing a film?

Pete the Poet

Hi Pete the Poet, I start the day with far too much strong coffee. I didn’t drink coffee when editing in 2000-2002. So that is different. As I go through these months my diet only gets worse. It seems like I am bargaining with myself – the value of cheap unhealthy pleasures to reward what can be rounds of over-deep concentration and attention. It’s pretty awful. I’m back to Doritos, my childhood (and onward) comfort food. Too much sugar for a while. Too many quesadillas. Then too many frozen pizzas. Even too much British tea and milk. Whatever I eat goes through phases and is always too much. The best snacks I’m eating are the worst snacks!

Technically, this isn’t the rerelease, but the first release of “Uncle Joe’s American Odyssey”! First was the private screening in Seattle, next was the premiere at the 2003 John Hopkins Film Festival, and finally was a special engagement later that year in Eugene, OR.

Pete the Poet still writes poetry. He also co-edits the online poetry journal http://www.ADozenNothing.com.